Hard Core Training: How Core Academy is Built to Deliver Training Success

Core Academy is an application that can host and deliver industry-specific training content and keep a detailed record of training activities for industry compliance. Phylt built Core Academy with all levels of user ease-of-use in mind: whether the user is sitting in a truck on the construction site, at a desk at company HQ, or creating industry training content at a regulatory body. When we built it, we prioritized leaness, security, availability, and back-up storage to deliver a flexible solution for clients with diverse training needs.

Core Academy Architecture

Core Academy is one application comprising two services: a front-end service and an API service. It also has two environments: one for testing and one for production. Each environment has its own dedicated VPC, security groups, load balancers, and deployed services. We have databases and S3 buckets for each environment and a couple of Lambdas (functions) to process the media used in the training.

We have an automated tests suite that will test the application features and security vulnerabilities before going to the test environment. After thorough testing in the test environment, we can promote the application to the production environment. To avoid any problems, this step is also automated (i.e., there are no manual steps).

High-level Architecture

Low-level Architecture


We take security very seriously and review our security best practices several times a year.

  • All connections to our services and downstream providers are encrypted. We don’t allow any unsecured connections. 
  •  Our databases have encryption at disk. We do not store any passwords or credit card information. 
  • Our source code, dependencies, binaries, and containers are scanned daily for any security vulnerabilities.

Availability, Backup, and SLAs

Core Academy is available in multi-availability zones (AZ—applications, databases, storages, etc). If anything happens to one AZ, everything will switch automatically to another AZ within seconds to minutes.

Our downstream providers are the best in the world (e.g., Amazon, Google), which means that our clients can benefit from the latest world-class platform services. Rare provider events beyond our control are quickly identified by our monitoring system and mitigated by our extensive backup system, limiting any downtime to our services.

We have backups for everything: code, tests, scripts, pipelines, databases, etc. In an extreme event—for example, if everything goes down—in just a few hours we can recreate a complete secure environment and restore all the data.

We have an active monitoring system. We can detect any potential anomalies and send alerts to our engineering team, and they can work on it before it becomes an issue for you. You can see the Core Academy platform availability on our status page.

We use New Relic to independently track and store SLAs. We can’t alter this data and you can request SLA reports anytime.

Core Academy is more than a place to store training videos. It is a professional application based on secure, lean, and highly available technology which gives clients confidence in their training delivery. Our clients know that not only will their employees receive timely and well organized instruction wherever they are, but the associated data and certification records are secure and well-organized for compliance reporting. For more information, visit our Core Academy website.


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