Harnessing Customer Feedback to Make A Better Product


At Phlyt, we build software for people—people with complicated human problems. In 2020, as a response to COVID-19, Phlyt launched Oriana, a virtual retreat platform to facilitate in-person retreats online. We quickly learned some of our retreat attendees aren't always tech savvy. As a result, Phlyt built a strong feedback system to allow us to communicate with clients, observe their usage patterns, and learn how best to help them. We leverage a diverse set of tools and communication techniques to dig down into what the user really wants, and what the user is really doing with our platform. This post discusses some of the ways we gather insights into how our clients use Oriana and how we improve the product based on their feedback. 

Customer Conversations Lead The Way  

When we first launched Oriana, we used a very traditional—dare I say, old-fashioned—means of gathering feedback and providing support. We picked up the phone (or jumped on a Zoom call). Talking directly to customers is extremely valuable, but these calls were usually limited to firefighting immediate problems. This was particularly challenging when we began to scale, especially because many of our early users were new to digital solutions for online retreats and most of our tickets/support calls came in as “It is not working” or “The system is broken”. We also could not see the organic use of the application in terms of what worked well and what didn’t work well enough. 

Supporting The Customer Conversation with Insights

To improve our ability to support issues, and to understand how clients organically use the platform, we introduced LogRocket. LogRocket allows us to replay user sessions and immediately pinpoint common patterns. If a user calls to say “It is not working,” within seconds, we can identify what the heck “it” is.  Now, when John from Boston calls saying he is using Chrome we can see that in reality he is using IE 7. At that time, we can coach him through switching browsers to one that we support to quickly get him into his retreat. 

LogRocket helps us keep a history of the problem so that we can come back and address the underlying cause of the call later. This has helped us improve our UX, CX, and the sanity of our support team.  

Figure 1: LogRocket replaying the process of a Teacher adding a Student in Oriana.

Improving Observability 

Once we had streamlined our support process, we moved to improve our insights so that we could predict and intercept user problems before they happened. We needed something that easily showed both the browser and backend metrics. New Relic was our observability platform of choice because it provided exceptional metrics out of the box. With it, we were able to make greater sense of the errors and prioritize the fixes. We can now monitor and measure our service against a series of benchmarks, as well as provide detailed insights into specific events and trends. We have data to see what is working, what is not working, and what could be working better. 

Figure 2: An example of New Relic out of the box dashboards and metrics. 

With the introduction of LogRocket and New Relic, we were able to gain a significant amount of insight into how people use our applications. However, we still did not have a good understanding of the customer journey, i.e., how people from all over the world navigated to Oriana in the first place. We noticed that the majority of our support calls were to help users navigate to the Oriana Platform. To help, we needed a powerful set of metrics that illustrate the customer journey to our platform so we implemented the services Auth0 and SendGrid.

Figure 3: Sendgrid letting us know how international our initial retreats have been. 

People are always at the heart of our solutions. Phlyt products are built to optimize customer observabilityfrom the initial journey to the application to the moment users log out of their retreatwith the goal of gaining a holistic view of the complete customer experience. 

If you are interested in learning more about Oriana or any other Phlyt products, please reach out to us or check us out at https://www.phlyt.io/


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