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Hard Core Training: How Core Academy is Built to Deliver Training Success

Core Academy is an application that can host and deliver industry-specific training content and keep a detailed record of training activities for industry compliance. Phylt built Core Academy with all levels of user ease-of-use in mind: whether the user is sitting in a truck on the construction site, at a desk at company HQ, or creating industry training content at a regulatory body. When we built it, we prioritized leaness, security, availability, and back-up storage to deliver a flexible solution for clients with diverse training needs. Core Academy Architecture Core Academy is one application comprising two services: a front-end service and an API service. It also has two environments: one for testing and one for production. Each environment has its own dedicated VPC, security groups, load balancers, and deployed services. We have databases and S3 buckets for each environment and a couple of Lambdas (functions) to process the media used in the training. We have an

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